On March 19,2015, Bishop Richard Williamson performed the episcopal consecration of Fr. Jean-Michel Faure at the Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Cross in Nova Friburgo, Brazil. Bishop Williamson and Fr. Faure have not been members of the Society of St. Pius X since 2012 and 2014, respectively, because of their violent criticisms of any relations with the Roman authorities. [“Violent?” Did the situation ever devolve to fisticuffs? Your webmaster suspects that what Menzingen is actually refering to is “The testicular fortitude to speak the truth that Bishop Fellay had forbidden them to speak.”]
According to them, such contacts were incompatible with the apostolic work of Archbishop Lefebvre. [“Actually, neither Bishop Williamson nor Bishop Faure were opposed to simple contacts with the authorities. What they opposed was Bishop Fellay's perversion of the doctrinal position established by Archbishop Lefebvre.]
  The Society of St. Pius X regrets sincerely that this spirit of opposition has led to an episcopal consecration. [It would be very nice indeed if the SSPX really regretted it. This whole situation has sprouted from Bishop Fellay's doctrinal perversion, and he doesn't seem to regret that at all.] In 1988 Archbishop Lefebvre had clearly indicated his intention to consecrate auxiliary bishops who would have no jurisdiction, because of the state of necessity in which the Society of St. Pius X and faithful Catholics found themselves at that time. His sole goal was to make availahle to the faithful the sacraments which priests ordained by the bish­ ops would offer. After having done everything conceivable to gain permission from the Holy See, Archbishop Lefebvre pro­ ceeded with the solemn consecrations on June 30,1988 before several thousand priests and faithful and hundreds of journalists from around the world. It was abundantly clear from all the circumstances that, despite the lack of authorization from Rome, this action done in the most public manner was for the good of the Church and of souls.
  The Society of St. Pius X denounces this episcopal consecration of Fr. Faure, which, despite the assertions of both clerics concerned, is not at all comparable to the consecrations of 1988. All the declarations of Bishop Williamson and Fr. Faure prove abundantly that they no longer recognize the Roman authorities, except in the purely rhetorical manner. [This amounts to a warning that Bishop Williamson and Bishop Faure are liars, and that the faithful ought not believe what they say. “Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!”] The Society of St. Pius X still maintains that the present state of necessity renders legitimate its action throughout the world, without denying the legitimate authority of those for whom it continues to pray at every Mass. The Society intends [It is obvious from the “Doctrinal Declaration of 2012” just what Bishop Fellay and his elite intend. They intend to embrace the modernism of the Council so as to curry favor with Modernist Rome.] to con­tinue its work of priestly formation according to its statutes. It has every intention to keep the deposit of the Faith and the purity of the Church's moral teaching, in opposition to errors, from wherever they may come, in order to pass on such Faith and morals in the traditional liturgy and by preaching, in accordance with the missionary spirit of its founder: Credidimus caritati [1 John 4:16]

[The “Traditional Movement” within the Catholic Church now has an alternate source of Priests and the Sacraments they provide. While it is understandable that Bishop Fellay might have enjoyed his “monopoly” and be angered by its having been snatched from his clutches, he still refuses to withdraw any of the perversions he presented in 2012, and he refuses any and all calls for his resignation. Your webmaster prays daily that the Priest Members of the SSPX may collectively “Grow A Pair” and change their leadership. In any case, we will not follow Bishop Fellay into the Maw and down the Gullet of Modernist Rome.]