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The Wars of the Vendee  
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A Traditional Catholic Community
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Things of Interest

  This page will contain items of interest, news and events, links to recommended resources, and other “general stuff.” We intend to always list the most current things first, and older items lower down the list or maybe even on a “next page.”

News Item: 2015-03-29 (Second Sunday Of Passiontide) - The linked notice appeared in a SSPX "Parish" Bulletin on Palm Sunday. It is presumed that the same appeared in all SSPX "Parish" Bulletins worldwide. Commentary is provided by your webmaster. Please click HERE to read it.

News Item: 2015-03-19 (Festival of Saint Joseph) - On this day His Lordship, Bishop Richard Williamson, granted to Father Jean-Michel Faure the highest level of the Priesthood by consecrating him as a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. Such action was obviously “of necessity” and could therefore violate no law.

BTW: This website will not become involved in any debates over whether or not this action constitutes an “Excommunicable Offense.” The general law of the Church is that you can only be excommunicated for having done something wrong. Consecrating without having first received a mandate from the Enemies of the Church cannot be wrong. Please see the article from Bishop Williamson's own web site by clicking HERE.

ALSO: Since nothing about this Consecration attempts to usurp or lay claim to Jurisdiction, which can be delegated only by the Holy See, this does not constitute Scism. Since they have done nothing that would put themselves outside of it, Bishops Williamson and Faure both remain well within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Roman Church.

News Item: 2015-02-10 (Festival of Saint Scholastica) - A very interesting page appears on the SSPX Asia website. We have decided to reproduce it here, knowing that the SSPX Headquarters might at any time decide that it no longeer presents their current political position. Please give it a look! Click HERE


News Item: 2014-11-07 (Ferial following the 21st Sunday after Pentecost) - With the fast-approaching Christmas Season, the age-old custom of sending Cards to friends and loved ones comes right along with it. This year, those to whom you send Christmas greetings can also be remembered in a special Novena of Masses to be offered at Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Seminary. Click HERE to find out how you can order some of these beautiful cards.

News Item: 2014-09-26 (Saints Isaac Jogues, Jean de Brebeuf and Companions) - The SSPX.ORG website, which we recommend you avoid unless you are absolutely aware of the danger, has published this statement. We are glad that discussions were cordial. (This usually means that if anything at all was agreed upon, “'ain't nobody gonna tell us!” It is interesting to note that some points of conention remain “unclarified.” Does this mean that some have been clarified? Which ones? We wonders!) Click "HERE" to read it.

News Item: 2014-09-11 (Commemoration of Saints Protus and Hyacinth) - We have added an additional "Resource" to our website, viz: An electronic copy of “Faith Imperiled by Reason: Benedict XVI’s Hermeneutics,” by His Excellency Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais. This article appeared in the French publication “La Sel de la Terre” (The Salt of the Earth) in the Summer of 2009. It is reported that this document has been forbidden in any and all SSPX locations throughout France. It definitely predates Bishop Tissier's having been cowed into submission. Click on the "Resources" tag to find it.

News Item: 2014-08-23 (Feast of St. Philip Benizi) - We have added yet another “Media Resource” to our humble website, viz: A choice of two Audio Archives of His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson presenting the “Seven Ages Of The Church” in May, 2011. You have your choice between “RAR” archive format or “ZIP” archive format.

These audio files, ten in all, are not "video's to be linked to our Media Page. You may download them and listen to them at your convenience. These Archive files also contain several “Handout” pages (PDF files) which can assist the listener in following His Excellency's instructions and explanations. Click on the "Resources" tag to find them.

News Item: 2014-08-08 (Feast of St. John Mary Vianney) - Way back in the mists of time, when Gutenberg began using the newly invented “movable type” to print Bibles, errors that showed up in the printed page were often blamed on the “Printer's Devil,” an impish demon who did his best to make sure that the Scriptures were not reproduced correctly. The name was eventually applied to the Apprentice Printer, since the Printer could not whip a demon for causing mistakes.
   The “Printer's Devil” is still with us, and he still tries valiantly to ruin efforts that are meant to support the True Church of Jesus Christ.
   This is to notify all of our viewers who may have printed a set of Altar Cards from our resources page anytime before today, that typographical errors have been found on each of the cards. These small errors were found by one of the Angels out there who has been given the gift of spotting such things and who was kind enough to bring them to our attention. All of the Altar Card sets have been corrected to match the findings of our Angel, and are ready to print again, if you have a mind to do so.
   And, just so that you know, the “Printer's Devil” now resides in two places: one -- in the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, and two -- in the insistence of your humble webmaster in doing his own proof-reading. Click on the "Resources" tag to find the corrected cards.

News Item: 2014-07-31 (Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola) - We have added an additional "Resource" to our humble website, viz: An electronic copy of “General Principles Of Ceremonies,” extracted from The Book Of Ceremonies by Msgr. Lawrence J. O'Connell (originally published in 1958). The various missions may find that training Altar Boys properly can be a real chore, and this booklet can be of assistance. In fact, every boy or man who serves at Mass really should be quite familiar with what this booklet contains. Click on the "Resources" tag to find it.

News Item: 2014-07-04 (Ferial Day following the Feast of the Precious Blood) - We have added additional "Resources" to our humble website, viz: An electronic Canon Law library. These books, many published more than 100 years ago and preserved via electronic scanning, allow the user to read and/or study Canon Law as it was promulgated in the Church before the disaster of Vatican Council II. Click on the "Resources" tag to find it.

News Item: 2014-06-29 (Festival of Saints Peter and Paul) - We have added a document to our "Resources" page, viz: A Little Catechism On Sedevacantism. Translated from the original French published by the Dominicans of Avrille, this explains in some depth just why this radical position is untenable. Click on the "Resources" tag to find it.

News Item: 2014-05-28 (Festival of Saint Augustine) - We have added a "SUBSCRIBE" button to our navigation area where visitors can enter a valid e-mail address and be assured of immediate notification of changes to our website, including news items (like this one) and additions to the Media or Schedule pages. E-mail addresses on the resulting list will not be shared with anyone for any reason. Even if the Resistance Priests want to send something to this e-mail list, your webmaster will send it for them, but the e-mail list will remain completely private.

News Item: 2014-04-12 (Saturday Of Passion Week) - We have added a utility to our “Resources” tab for no reason other than your Webmaster has used it frequently over the last few years and wants to share it. VulSearch 4.2.5 will list the Douay-Rheims bible, verse for verse, alongside the Clementine Vulgate (Latin) Bible. The user can search for a remembered phrase in either language. Click on the “Resources” tab above.

News Item: 2014-04-08 (Tuesday Of Passion Week) - We have added some Electronic copies of books that are hard to come by, for your scholarly activity/research, to assist your Schola Cantorum, or just to look at. We have the 1913 edition of “The Catholic Encyclopedia,” the “Liber Usualis,” and the 1962 “Missale Romanum.”. Click on the “Resources” tab above.

News Item: 2014-04-02 (Wednesday Of The 4th Week Of Lent) - We have added a new set of Altar Cards with an “Illuminated” border design. I don't know how many will be printed and used by our Resistance chapels, but your Webmaster does like them. Click on the “Resources” tab above.

News Item: 2014-03-29 (Saturday Of The 3rd Week Of Lent) - There are a couple of “Sacristy” resources - a Card with the Prayers a Priest should recite while vesting, and a card with the prayers, in Latin and English, that an Altar Boy might say while putting on clerical attire. Click on the “Resources” tab above.

News Item: 2014-03-28 (Friday in the Third Week Of Lent) - A recommendation has come from several of the Resistance chapels that a Novena to Our Lady be made from April 1, 2014 to April 9, 2014 for the intention of bringing more Priests to the Resistance. We are told that there are a goodly number of Priests in the SSPX who, while agreeing with the Resistance in principle, do not, for whatever reason, take the step of standing against the deception of Menzingen.
  There is no proposed formula for this Novena, and there have been many Novenas to Our Lady composed by faithful Catholics over the years. One that has been recommended is to Our Lady of Good Success. You may say a novena to Our Lady using one of those already composed, or you can pray a Novena of Rosaries, or you can make up your own. Whatever form you choose, the intentions should be:

A: That Our Lady move the hearts of the still-undecided Priests to grasp the seriousness of the situation in which the SSPX finds itself, and
B: That Our Lady lead these Priests to make the proper choice to oppose the betrayal of the SSPX to unconverted Rome, and
C: That Our Lady give these Priests the Spiritual Fortitude to replace those of their leaders who have wrought this betrayal, and
D: That Our Lady provide assistance to Priests so that they might actually help the Resistance in bringing the truth of non-liberal Tradition to the souls who so desperately need it.

  Please join with your fellow Catholics in this nine-day prayer. No-one need keep track, or provide tally sheets (this is not a Rosary Crusade, after all). We all ask that you pray for these intentions with confidence that God will provide all that we need. Also, please remember that a Novena should be prayed for nine days of Petition, and another nine days of Thanksgiving (even though it might appear that the requests were not immediately granted.)

News Item: 2014-03-27 (Thursday in the Third Week Of Lent) - The Coordinator of a newly established “Chapel” has mentioned that there are no trained Altar Boys available as yet. In an effort to assist any of the Chapels who may face the same difficulty, we provide two resources: 1 - an audio CD image that contains the proper pronunciation of the prayers and responses that an Altar Boy would be expected to know, and 2 - a printable booklet that displays the latin prayers and responses as they appear in the Missale Romanum along with a phonetic pronunciation key for the Altar Boy's responses. We hope this helps! Please click HERE.

News Item: 2014-02-16 (Septuagesima Sunday) - A correspondent from Veneta, OR, who wants to help the other missions as he can, has provided two sets of Altar Cards for those congregations who want them or who want to upgrade the ones they already have. They are free to download and print, and it will be up to you to frame them for liturgical use. The Center Card would be printed on 11"x17" paper, and the Side Cards would be printed on 8.5"x11" paper. Contact the for information on getting inexpensive frames online. View and download the Altar Cards HERE.

News Item: 2014-02-10 (Feast of Saint Scholastica) - A correspondent from New Castle, DE sends us a document to which Father Hewko refers in his Confernce in St. Catherine's, ON (see our "MEDIA" tab) regarding evidence that Bishop Fellay was well on his way to seeking a practical agreement with unconverted Rome as far back as 2001. He has asked that we make it available, and we do so HERE. Please read it to deepen your knowledge of how this doctrinal deviation came to be.
  This document contains the English translation followed by the French original.

News Item: 2014-02-09 (Fifth Sunday After Epiphany) - A correspondent from the Toronto Chapel has forwarded a link to the February 14th issue of “The Recusant” web magazine. We post a link to it HERE. This magazine reflects a huge amount of work, and it is highly recommended.

News Item: 2014-01-29 (Feast of Saint Francis de Sales) - A correspondent from the Toronto Chapel has forwarded a link to an article on “The Recusant” website which is of concern to all the “Resistance.” We post a link to it HERE. This page also includes a link to allow you to listen to the sermon Fr. Abraham delivered at his first “Resistance” Mass.

News Item: 2014-01-26 (Third Sunday After Epiphany) - A correspondent from the Infant Jesus Of Prague Chapel has forwarded something which is of interest. The Monastery Of Saint Joseph in Columbia has published a newsletter, and it is available in English HERE.

News Item: 2014-01-23 (Feast of Saint Raymond of Penafort) - A correspondent from the Our Lady Of Good Success Chapel has forwarded something which deserves sharing. A novena to Our Lady Of Good Success, which might be well begun on January 24th, the anniversary eve of the founding of the order of the Sisters of the Conception of Quito should be observed for nine days. The tradition of nine days of pettition followed by nine days of thanksgiving is admirable, to be sure. We provide here links to the prayers for each of the nine days.

  Day 1     Day 2     Day 3  
  Day 4     Day 5     Day 6  
  Day 7     Day 8     Day 9  

- OR -

  You might want to download a PDF version available HERE! This file is apparently scanned from a printed booklet, and printing it in the same booklet form would appear to be a tricky thing. Bona fortuna!

News Item: 2014-01-22 (Feast of Saints Vincent and Anastasius) - The recently addedf “Links” page has undergone a re-work. We hope it meets with your aesthetic approval.

(Nota Bene) - We have recieved a number of suggestions along the line of “Why dont you show a link to I think it is great.” We try to stay away from open and un-moderated forums. They are frequently overrun with SeVacs (Sede Vacantists) and Feenyites. While they may have a right to express their opinions, We don't support those venues here.

News Item: 2014-01-18 (Commemorative Feast of Saint Prisca) - This website is officially on-line. While it will be a while before it is mature enough to properly represent “The Resistance,” we hope to arrive there quickly. If you are aware of any items that would be of interest to the “Resistance” you can send them to us at the e-mail address on the “Contact Us” page.

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