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The Wars of the Vendee  
A Traditional Catholic Community
. . . where we listen to both sides of the story!

Not all of the sermons and conferences linked here are about the difficulties
in the SSPX. Many concern themselves with how a truly Catholic life is to
be lived, so as to help us to get to Heaven. All are worth listening to.

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2015-06-14   Bishop Faure
Brisbane, Queensland, AU
Confirmation Sermon

Ontario, Canada - 2nd Sunday After Epiphany

2014-10-26   Fr. Picot
Cebu City, The Philippines - Feast Of Christ The King

2014-10-12   Fr. Voigt
San Antonio, TX - 18th Sunday After Pentecost

2014-09-15   Fr. Voigt
Dallas, TX - The Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

2014-09-14   Fr. Voigt
San Antonio, TX - Exaltation Of The Holy Cross

2014-09-14   Fr. Voigt
Dallas, TX - Exaltation Of The Holy Cross

2014-07-16   Fr. Voigt
Unknown city - Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel

2014-07-02   Fr. Voigt
Boston, KY - Catechism on Heaven

2014-06-23   Fr. Voigt
Brief Lesson on the Mass

2014-06-15   Fr. Fuchs
London, UK - Trinity Sunday

2014-06-15   Fr. Voigt
Minneapolis, MN - Trinity Sunday

2014-06-01   Fr. Voigt
Minneapolis, MN - Sunday After Ascension

2014-05-04   A Layman
A Catholic Layman kicked out of a Catholic congregation by a Catholic Priest for the crime of standing up for the Catholic Faith.

2014-04-19   Fr. Voigt
Boston, KY - Easter Vigil

2014-04-06   Fr. Pinaud
St. Catherines, ON - Passion Sunday

2014-03-16   Fr. Girouard
Aldergrove, BC - Second Sunday Of Lent

2014-03-07   Fr. Voigt
Minneapolis, MN - Friday After Ash Wednesday

2014-03-02   Fr. Voigt
Minneapolis, MN - Quinquagesima Sunday

2014-02-23   Fr. Voigt
Minneapolis, MN - Sexagesima Sunday

2014-02-09   Fr. Voigt
Minneapolis, MN - 5th Sunday After Epiphany

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