TO  RESIST!      

"Resist! Resist! Resist!
To the barricades all!"

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The Wars of the Vendee  

A Traditional Catholic Movement
. . . where we encourage all to listen to both sides of the story!

Just who do we think we are!?!

  We are a widely dispersed group of traditional Catholics, currently small, but growing, who are quite concerned about the direction in which the Priestly Society Of Saint Pius X is being directed by its leadership. “Everything is fine!” they tell us. “Trust us!” they admonish us. (Some of us remember hearing exactly that in the 1960's.) We can see that the priests are working very hard at their jobs, but the fact remains that if the man at the tiller is steering them all towards the rocks, the men at the oars should be aware that they are going to wind up there with him.

  We are not in a position to take sides in any internal problems that the SSPX may be having (internal political difficulties are, after all, up to the Priest-members to resolve), but we do support those who face disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the SSPX, for the crime of telling the people “Watch out for the rocks!”

  We do not claim to speak for “The Resistance” as a whole, or even in part. The Priests who have identified with the movement do, however, have our full support. It is our intention to make what they say available to all without worry that it might be simply taken off line if we have a wild hair up our noses.

  We ask for your support. The Priests do not find it inexpensive to visit the ever-growing number of mission locations. Please visit our donations link (Coming Soon!) to assist this effort. Money collected here will go to the Priests, and to support their ministry.

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