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"Resist! Resist! Resist!
To the barricades all!"

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The Wars of the Vendee  
If the “News & Stuff” label is scrolling, it means that there is something new there posted within the last five days.

To Our Visitors: There is a “Kindly Gentleman” who has agreed to take over ownership of the Resistere.Org domain. Apparently the website is going to continue and will be more frequently updated so as to be a more reliable source of information. We do still support Father Pfeiffer and his Resistance to the internal Modernist takeover of the SSPX. We continue not putting any money into the SSPX collection, and we pray always for the success of the Resistance, the Restoration of the full traditional practice of the Holy Catholic Church, and the Canonization (using a proper, non-modernist process) of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Behold also ships, whereas they are great, and are driven by strong winds, yet are they turned about with a small helm, whithersoever the force of the gov­er­nor willeth.
Epistle of Saint James
Chapter 3, Verse 4

  The Society Of Saint Pius X is in grave danger. While the internal politics of the SSPX is strictly the domain of the Priest members of that Society, it is readily recognized by any observer with a modi­cum of sense that it is being steered into the rocks. Those good Priests who are manning the oars, rowing as hard as their good-natured hearts will allow, will undoubtedly wind up on the rocks along with the man at the helm.

  Many Priests, at the command of their superiors, now keep silent about “certain topics.” They no longer preach about how Vatican II was the biggest disaster to hit the Church since the heresy of Martin Luther (they now say that the Council “was really 95% alright”). They no longer preach about how the Novus Ordo represents a real danger to the Faith (they instead say that it is “legitimate,” if they mention it at all). They no longer preach about how “Religious Liberty” is a total falsehood (instead they now say that it must be understood “within very strict limits.”)

  Several Priests, some illicitly expelled from the SSPX, are now in a state of open Resistance to this new and dangerous theological direction. They refer to themselves as the “Marian Corps,” and they speak boldly about how the “Powers That Be” are purposely steering toward oblivion. They are also known simply as “The Resistance.”

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